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If you’re renovating your office building or creating a new building design, trust in the timelessness of glass installations. Glass tables, railings, partitions, and other glass additions complete and even modernize your office. They create a clear, bright look in your building that will impress clients and invigorate employees.

At Ace Glass we offer a variety of glass products and glass walls in Scarborough to meet your needs. With 15 years’ experience, we install glass walls in Scarborough so they function for many years. We pay attention to every detail and our skilled installers appreciate the challenge and detail of these types of installations.

The Ace Glass Architectural Installation Advantage


Glass Architecture

No matter which glass structure you desire, whether it’s a glass office wall or a single panel visual, Ace Glass has a beautiful, functional glass product to meet your needs.

Enhance employee privacy—but still create an open environment—with glass partitions between workspaces. Glass walls in Scarborough brighten the work atmosphere, making it easy for employees to read and work without squinting. Choose from partitions with aluminum frames or thicker frameless partitions.

You can also bring out the beauty of your stairwells, decks, and patios with a glass railing in Scarborough. We offer glass and aluminum railing systems. You can choose clear glass, which gives your employees a view, or tinted glass for use as a windbreak.

Modern and Effective

Glass also has the benefit of being a valuable tool for aesthetics, helping to freshen up and improve the design of any home or workplace. Glass can create simple accents, and enhance your daily rituals. There are so many reasons to love glass walls and architectural installations. A glass wall can benefit:

  • Windbreaks
  • Smoke baffles
  • Sneeze guards
  • Boardroom tables
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Reception desks

Why Your Office Needs Glass Walls

Glass walls and architectural dividers, regardless of whether they are transparent, matte finished, bubbled or more, can be a breathtaking beauty. Glass walls add immediate value and efficiency at the workplace. Studies have proven that a transparent workplace improves productivity by as much as 40 percent, and can also drive greater results through a desire to collaborate.


Want to Install a Glass Wall Yourself?

If you’d like to buy a glass wall or an architectural glass divider and install it yourself, visit us at 33 Casebridge Court Unit #4 for tips and supplies. If you’d like our technicians to help with your installation, contact us at 416‑752‑6370 or fill out our contact form.

We know waiting for installation affects your business productivity, so we install your new features as promptly as possible. We also know that your office’s features shouldn’t affect your business’s bottom line, so we offer competitive prices on our products and installation.

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