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Choose Ace Glass as your new property manager for the ultimate peace of mind. We provide comprehensive service on all commercial, residential & institutional buildings, with low cost easy access programs covering all of the regular maintenance and service you’ll require. Our service includes all windows, doors and railings, including overhead doors to the building, parts, installation, glass repair and service. We also provide all hardware, sourced only from high quality commercial sources.

The Ace Glass Property Management Advantage


The Benefits of Property Management

At Ace glass we understand it takes time and organization to maintain a beautiful place in which to live and/or work. We also know that to maintain a great appearance, is to eliminate potential issues before they happen. Keeping up with regular maintenance and responding quickly to any problems that may arise. In order to meet the demands of a large complex or multiple homes, you need a knowledgeable, reliable company that you can count on. In fact, we even offer a 24/7 emergency crew.

What are the services available for property management?

Ace Glass offers many great property management services for buildings large and small. Some of the things we do:

  • Entrance door and glass door repair and service
  • Repair or replace door closers and hinges
  • Insulated glass replacement
  • Single pane glass replacement
  • Patio door and sliding glass door adjustments, repair or replacement
  • Windows and screens
  • Glass enclosures
  • mirrors

We Handle All of the Details

Ace Glass has a talented team of experts that will take care of all your needs. Property management can be a demanding job.  However with Ace on your side, we have the right specialty tools and knowledge to take care of the corresponding problem.  Our team will provide the property and the people who live/work there with timely and professional services every time.


Let our quick and professional glass specialists and technicians take care of all your property management services!


Why Your Commercial Building Needs a Glass Property Manager

Ace Glass delivers the ultimate peace of mind with a comprehensive property management solution. Ace Glass offers property management services for apartment buildings, high rises, rental properties, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, commercial buildings and more.


Customizable Types of Glass

With Ace Glass, what you want is what we deliver. Crystal clear glass built with perfect precision, and a high quality delivery job. Choose the glass type that suits you.



Stained glass allows you to add security and provide a layer of secrecy, while also adding a splash of colour to the storefront; with many colour options available.



Frosted glass is ideal for businesses that want to bring in more light but still retain a layer of privacy. While not as secretive as other glass finishes, we find that



Transparent glass and large windows are traditional for most uses. They are effective, and give customers a clear line of sight into your space and work to entice them to spend more money.



Tinted glass can be effective at providing protection, and a great choice if your building doesn’t have a lot of shade or you find that the shared space heats up quickly


Safety and Bulletproof

Our Safety and “Bulletproof” glass are durable, long lasting, and can withstand blunt force impact at close range for greater protection and security.

We encourage you to talk to our team about all of your choices! Depending on your location and type of business, we may recommend one type over another.


Need to Quickly Repair or Replace a Managed Property Glass Wall or Window?

If your managed property’s glass gets heavily scratched, damaged or simply needs to be replaced, just give us a call at 416‑752‑6370 or fill out our contact form. We’ll work with you to find the best price and deliver priority timing for a replacement.

Ace glass has close to 25 years experience. We have worked hard over the years in developing strong relationships with all of our clients, including property management companies. Those property management companies that have trusted Ace in the past and continue to rely on us for all their property management needs.

We have highly experienced and knowledgeable installers and staff and quick response times. Property management companies can depend on our reliability, quality, dependability and professionalism. Our reputation as a foremost expert in all things glass and mirror has ensured our spot as a top choice for property management companies. This is especially true of those that manage other businesses that can count on swift, dependable and superior products and services every time. The response time for items involving glass can be very important in keeping your clients safe and comfortable.

Use Ace Glass for all of your property management and glass service needs in Durham and Scarborough

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